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Welcome to the new world of lab management and communication.  Your lab has great opportunities to become connected to your dentists as never before!  Our powerful case scheduling functionality helps you to meet delivery dates and level out your production fluctuations.

Labnet's power and flexibility is the result of many loyal users who have shared their needs and visions with us over the years. From small to large, full-service to ortho, salaried to piecework—Labnet offers tailored solutions to support your unique identity.

Over the years, Labnet has evolved into multi-dimensional software designed to give the lab manager and staff tools to build and maintain a successful business. Labnet is a powerful solution designed for today's dental industry that will help you connect with your customers and build a long term business relationship.


Download Labnet 10.0

Labnet 10.0 is now available for download to customers with a current Labnet Customer Service Agreement.

Visit the support website to get your copy today.