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Are you aware of the thousands—even tens of thousands of dollars you have tied-up in inventory?  You may be surprised at the amount of money slipping through the cracks because supplies sit unused in your stockroom. Or perhaps you have the opposite problem—cases delayed because a shipment has not arrived yet.

Supplynet Lets You Store Your Money in Your Bank Account–Not Your Stockroom

Managing your inventory through Supplynet will make your business more profitable. You’ll have the information you need to make money-saving decisions about ordering and distributing supplies. Too much inventory is costly and wastes valuable space, yet too little inventory holds up production. Supplynet will help you to reach the balance that maximizes efficiency and minimizes expense.

Know what you have. Supplynet lets you know exactly how much of each product is on order, on hand, back ordered, or reserved for an order-in-process.

Know what you use. Supplynet lets you base order quantities on product distribution rather than purchase history.  Sophisticated underlying calculations will guide you to optimum order quantities.